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  • Introducing J-Ride


    Introducing J-Ride, our sweet wheels for the trip throughout BC.  J-Ride is our 1998 Subaru Forester and somehow we managed to cram her full of all our stuff, and all Jordan and Tyra’s stuff, and our bodies.  On our way up Vancouver Island, we added a cargo box to her roof, so now we can […]

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  • Haida Gwaii – Zodiac Tour


    We took a Zodiac tour down Moresby Island right to the the southern tip.  We’ve now explored Haida Gwaii North to South, although truly getting to know this wonderful place, would take a lifetime, not a couple of weeks. Our guides were Haida Style Expeditions. This is Jaylene Shelford, an amazing Haida singer and guide. […]

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  • Haida Gwaii – Balance Rock


    Balance Rock is a huge boulder balancing on a tiny point on the coast of Graham Island.  It is a natural tourist attraction.  We stopped on our drive up island to check it out on a beautiful afternoon. I haven’t been able to find any Haida stories about the origins of this rock formation, unusual […]

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  • Haida Gwaii – Tow Hill Lookout


    A very misty and atmospheric walk up Tow Hill for a beautiful view over Rose Spit, North Beach, and Agate Beach. Here is our intrepid adventure team The walk through the forest is on a raised platform so visitors don’t disturb the forest floor.  I was very impressed at the posted accessibility information at all […]

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  • Haida Gwaii – Agate Beach


    The weather changed dramatically as we drove North.  I was driving and the wind was moving the car!  We looked up the weather before we lost internet and read that gale force winds were coming.  This was accurate. We arrived at Agate Beach, on the north coast to wild wind and waves. It wasn’t raining […]

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  • Ferry to Haida Gwaii


    The 2nd early morning in a row to catch a ferry.  This time, we comically repacked our car with our stuff and J & T’s.  Our car seems a bit like a clown car, and even BC Ferries employees seemed surprised that we had 4 adults in the car with all our stuff.  But we […]

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  • Jordan & Tyra

    Jordan & Tyra

    We were welcomed into Prince Rupert by this beautiful couple. Our dear friends Jordan and Tyra will be our travel companions to Haida Gwaii for the next 11 days and we are so lucky to be with them.  They’ve been living up in Terrace since April and we have really felt their absence in Vancouver. […]

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  • Vancouver Island – Courtenay

    Tracey & Dave

    Today in Courtenay we met up with friend and former-coworker Dave, Dogwood North Island organizer extraordinaire. Leaving Dogwood to pursue my travel dreams was a difficult choice to make, because every single person I worked with is a cherished friend as well as brilliant, kick-ass co-worker. People like Dave give me hope for the future […]

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  • Vancouver Island – Parksville


    Cam and Leslie and their darling babes were the first stop on Vancouver island. We spent the night being delighted by the kids, serenading us on the ukelele and piano and a backyard bonfire. They are so big now. It was great to spend some time with them. Being with Leslie was like a balm […]

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  • Lisa & Anton’s Wedding

    Lisa & Anton

    We were lucky to start off our adventure in Coast Salish Territories of the Squamish nation, at Evan’s Lake where we witnessed the beautiful union of Lisa and Anton. It was one of the most creative and inspiring weddings I have ever attended (and one of the longest nights of dancing!) The photos speak for […]