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  • Laos – Huay Xai


    This morning we left beloved Chiang Mai very reluctantly. It has been a great 4 days here and not nearly long enough. Oh how I wish we had 6 months, not 6 weeks in SE Asia.  We hopped on a 5 hour bus to Chiang Khong on our way to Laos. Across the border we […]

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  • Bangkok


    I love arriving in Thailand. Bangkok’s smell is recognizable the second you step off the plane.  Humidity, blossoms, sewer, a touch of smog, and a smell of general green lusciousness. I’ve had a love affair with this city for over a decade and it feels so good to be back. We’re still recovering from our […]

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  • Tokyo – Ueno


    Today was a wonderful day of reunions. We met up with Masa, my brother’s old classmate from LSE.  The last time we met up was in Vancouver 7 years ago! It was really fun to see him again. We ate soba noodles, explored Ueno Park (home to a beautiful lotus flower pond filled with koi and […]

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  • Tokyo – Shibuya


    On to a meet-up with one of my favourite people, Keenan Cooper. My teenage romance every summer at camp yukon. Keenan is celebrating his marriage next week!  It was so wonderful that he was able to meet up with us despite busy wedding planning.  We met up at Shibuya station, home of the famous Hachikō […]

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  • Tokyo – Shinjuku


    Shinjuku is the town that never sleeps, and we are jetlagged so neither do we. Today we explored a Shinto Shrine, Goldengai, Kabukicho, Metropolitan observation deck and went shopping! We encountered beautiful ravens that made a garbage can alley seem like pure nature. Goldengai in the day time is totally deserted and really relaxing but […]