Haida Gwaii – Agate Beach


The weather changed dramatically as we drove North.  I was driving and the wind was moving the car!  We looked up the weather before we lost internet and read that gale force winds were coming.  This was accurate. We arrived at Agate Beach, on the north coast to wild wind and waves. It wasn’t raining but we were getting soaked by the wind blowing the ocean spray.  As we drove in to the campground, we were worried because the sites had no shelter, and there was no way our little tents could withstand the intensity of the wind.  We got the last sheltered tent platforms at the end of the road, much to our relief, and we set up camp as fast as we could with lots of rope to hold everything down.  We ate curry for dinner, amazed that the coleman stove didn’t blow out while we were cooking.  It felt like a miracle in that wild storm.
Agate Beach

Agate beach really does have agates everywhere! It blew my mind. It is the most beautiful place, especially with the huge, crashing gray waves. So dramatic!


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We thought the blowholes might be blowing because the wind was so strong, but the tide was going out when we got there, so no such luck.  But we did get our first look at the Hielen River and Tow Hill.  We’ll explore more tomorrow.


It started to rain so we huddled in Jordan and Tyra’s tent with some whiskey and tequila and played many hands of dutch blitz in very close quarters.  It’s a good thing we all like each other!