About Me

Elaine Innes Photography (534)-001I am a birth doula, community organizer and potter living and working on unceded Coast Salish territory, Vancouver, Canada.

I am Tracey Maynard.

For the next six months, until February 2017, you’ll find my husband and I travelling various corners of the world. Read my blog to keep up on our adventure!

I provide doula birth support for mothers before, during and after birth.

I am a community organizer who specializes in leadership development coaching, training and facilitation.I provide workshops and coaching on building people power, telling your story, facilitation, and finding and keeping volunteers.

I design participatory events and ceremonies to take us deeper and help us connect with our inner selves and the world around us. I work with clients to create custom designed ceremonies for connecting with nature, celebrating transition into motherhood, celebrating life, processing grief, marking a transition of seasons, and other rites of passage.